coffee-colored floor rug

Buy this rug here!

This coffee-colored floor rug
was crocheted just for your floor! It was made from the softest chunky yarn. Put it by the side of your bed, in front of your door, next to your child’s crib, under your desk, or over your pillow if you want!


Ruthie with her handmade rug!


Dimensions: 40″ x 18″
Machine Washable: yes!
Material: Polyester
Colors: espresso, latte, cream


top of the rug vs. bottom of the rug


Ruthie made this rug and affectionately dubbed it “The Coffee Rug,” due to its colors. She says that the espresso brown is the black coffee, the latte brown is the coffee with creamer, and the cream is the half-and-half. Can you tell that we’re a coffee family? 🙂



Ruthie’s Peep enjoys the rug too!



We’ve come to love the chunky yarn that we buy at JoAnn Fabrics! It’s ever so soft, it’s easy to work with, and projects are finished faster!



soooo soft!



If you like this rug but the dimensions and/or the colors are not what you are looking for, send us a message and we’d be happy to work with you!


the puppy might need a smaller bed 😉


Soli Deo Gloria!

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